I suffer from claustrophobia. How does the Yellow Submarine look like inside?
In order to get to the submersed lower deck, passengers have to go down a few steps. Underwater, the submersed lower deck is a central hallway with 20 seats in a row on both sides. Each seat has a viewing window which enables you to enjoy a whale watching experience.

Are we going to watch many southern right whales?
It is difficult to say exactly how many whales we are going to watch on the day of your trip. Even though it is highly probable that we watch several whales, there is also a possibility that we could watch only one. The quantity of animals to be watched during the submarine whale watching trip will not depend on our service.

What is the duration of the excursion?
The trip will take 1.5 hours approximately, including the time of boarding and disembarking.

My son is 3 years old. Will he be able to make the trip in the semi-submersible?
Yes, and he will do it for free. However, for safety reasons, we recommend he is accompanied at all times by an adult.

Do I need to make the reservation in advance?
In high season, the demand of our services is really high, so we suggest you book the excursion in advance.

What happens if the weather conditions are not adequate?
Whale watching tours will depend on the conditions of the sea. Our personnel are constantly checking the weather condition and will professionally act upon the contingencies that may arise, where the safety and comfort of our passengers are top priority. For your information, please refer to our Contingency Policy.